Top Grade Non-Adhesive Labels
Color boxes & Color cards
Gift Boxes
Seal packing collar/hand mantle

¡¡¡¡We undertake various designs of advertisement and publishing. Color boxes, color cards, lags, products instruction, non-adhesive labels and bars printings.
¡¡¡¡PORON foot mat, 3M, SONY, NITTO stamping. The production of mobile phone, remote control and keypress molds.
¡̣ contracts each kind of advertisements propaganda design;
¡̣ color box paper printing and so on color card, drop, product instruction booklet;
¡̣ the upscale dry glue label UV printing, each kind of computer bar code's printing, does not jump code printing;
¡̣PORON the foot pad, 3M, SONY, NITTO and so on two-sided rubber flush;
¡̣ each kind of present packing class color boxes and so on present box, upscale handbag, PVC box;
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